Rhys Jones

Software Developer - Athlete



Im a graduate of the university of Lincoln. Im currently workng as a software developer in Leeds. I have interests in Coding in various languages such as Python, C#/C++, Java as well as many web development tools and languages.

I have other interests such as Video Games, Esports, Anime, Hockey, Athletics and Climbing just to name a few.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me via email, or on anything else you can reach me on!

Pokemon Speedrun Bot

Pokémon Speedrun Bot, what’s that you ask? Well it was a project started by Kyle Coburn & Michael Jondahl back in July 2014. They worked on it for a good year. The aim of the project was to play Pokémon Red as fast as possible. Pokémon Red and all the Pokémon games are notoriously RNG (Randomness) based. The Bot was almost a way to brute force the games RNG.

I adapted the project, updated it kept it running after they lost interest. All of this was viewable on the Twitch channel "pokespeedrunbots". For months at a time I would run it 24/7 and it did over 100,000 runs in that time. The Twitch channel was very popular with over 8,000 followers and at its peak 700-800 viewers. In Early 2017 I introduced a betting aspect to the bot as a way to engage and interact with the twitch chat! I had to retire the project multiple times due to work and studies. Currently it is still on hiatus, but I hope to bring it back soon.

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Colour Sorter

After Seeing a gif on reddit i set out to reproduce it.

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One thing i like to do is participate in Game Jams, the one above is the Global Game Jam 2017. With the idea about Waves. Its called Wavical.

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Mass Link Unshortener

I needed to mass Expand some shortend links. Well i could not find a website to do it so i made my own.

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CS:GO Case Stats

CS:GO is a competitive first person shooter. One aspect of the game includes a "Loot Box" mechanic which has a random chance to give you the item you would like. With the details available about the price, rarity and probability of all the items. I set my goal on creating a table of the profitability of each individual case. This website page is the result of that.

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Trackmania Telemetry

Trackmania is a hugely popular arcade racing game. This project was to create a nice and simple interface for collecting Telemetry from the game.

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